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About Us

We are a veteran owned personal care home licensed to provide care and assisted living to the elderly, weak and the disabled. With a team of some of the most dedicated and well trained staff, we aim to provide a serene and comfortable environment for residents to enjoy the independence of assisted living.

At The Faidley House, compassion is not a word we simply throw around because we wish to appeal to people's emotions. In fact, this facility was born out from a heart of service to people. Caring for those who cannot care for themselves and taking the worry away from loved ones who have their own lives to live. Indeed, we take pride in our ability to provide quality care and support to seniors ensuring that they enjoy a much better quality of life than they would ever imagine.

We provide all sorts of assistance and care services to our residents from bathing to medication reminders, transportation, companionship as well as therapy and restoration for our long-term residents who are on the road to recovery.

Our Mission

To provide residents a compassionate, dignified and top quality care services that improves their independence and promotes an improved quality of life.

Our Vision

To ensure that seniors enjoy a better quality of life through committed and prioritized care services, thus becoming a standard in the world of personal care provision.

Our Staff

The Faidley House is a highly organized interdisciplinary hub of professional and well-trained staff who are committed to the company's mission of providing top-quality service to its residents. You can be sure that your loved ones are in the best hands as we conduct a thorough check on all our staff before hiring. To ensure they stay committed to the cause, we have created a system to monitor caregivers and all our staff to ensure that residents receive the best care service possible.

The Owners

Richard Faidley

Richard Faidley is a veteran of the Armed Forces who was a coal miner for 28 years. He was certified in CPR and First Aid in 2008. He has performed the role of an Emergency Medical Technician and a Medication Administrator since 2010 and 2016 respectively. He is the husband and father to Co-owners Rose Faidley and Judy Faidley.

Rose Faidley

Rose Faidley is a Medication Administrator who is certified in CPR and First Aid since 2014. She is also Diabetic Trained since 2014 and has performed the role of a Supervisor of Direct Care Aides since 2016. Rose is the Wife and mother of Co-owners Richard Faidley and Judy Faidley.

Judy Faidley

Judy Faidley is a Personal Care Home Administrator and a Medical Home Office Administrator who is Diabetic trained since 2016 and certified in CPR and First Aid since 2012. She is also a Train the Trainer Medication Administrator since 2018 and is the daughter of fellow Co-owners, Richard and Rose Faidley.